Paintbox Soapworks Review

I stumbled across Paintbox Soapworks a few months ago on Etsy and I’ve placed a few orders since then. I wanted to share my thoughts about the company and the products because I am totally and completely in love.


Paintbox Soapworks is run by an absolutely lovely woman named Hayley. I’ve contacted her several times with silly questions about product availability and whatnot, and her responses have always been prompt and friendly. Her prices and shipping costs are completely reasonable and TAT has been fantastic.

For my first purchase I got the Glycerin Soap Sample Pack ($6 for five sample size soaps) and a sample size lotion. I initially ordered a lotion that turned out to be sold out, so Hayley let me substitute a different scent and generously included a sugar scrub in the original scent.


Dry, soft sandalwood, soothing vanilla & a trace of fresh air clinging to warm fur

This was my second choice for the sample size lotion and I’m so glad I ended up with it. I liked it but it’s not something I’d want to smell like all the time so I gave it to the boyfriend to try and we both fell in love with how it smells on him. It’s definitely a sandalwood scent but sweet and light and wonderful. I’ve since ordered a solid scent balm in this scent.

Aquae Sulis
A crisp, reviving spa blend of bright citrus, cardamom & ancient minerals

This smells CLEAN. It’s sharp and pretty and a great scent for early morning showers when you’re not quite awake yet.

Big In Japan
A translucent green blend of matcha tea, crisp yuzu & serene sandalwood

This scent has been discontinued because of a supplier issue and is no longer available for purchase on Etsy but I would’ve felt bad leaving it out because of how much I love it. Whiskers wasn’t my kind of sandalwood scent but this most definitely is. It’s fresh and pretty and if Hayley ever brings it back or releases something similar I will probably buy all of it.

Little Paper Umbrellas
Luscious, ripe mango blended smooth with creamy lychee, lime, melon, red tea & a squirt of scarlet grenadine

This was probably my least favorite of the sample soaps but it’s still nice. It’s very fruity and very sweet and definitely a great summer scent.

Warm, sweet milk & soothing, sparkling ginger

This was the lightest of the scents. Very unassuming overall with just a hint of sharp ginger. There’s ground ginger root in it and I found that it lathers better than the other soap samples.

A South Seas blend of fresh coconut milk & green cardamom, a scattering of coffee beans & below-decks musk, & all the gold in Araby…

Coconut. All I smell is coconut. And that’s not a bad thing at all. It’s not a super sweet coconut smell like you find in a lot of mainstream hair and body products. This one is warmer and easier. Of all the sample soaps the scent of this one lingered on my skin the most.

I’ve definitely been happy with everything I’ve received so far. I ordered a few other products that I’ll review once I’ve had a chance to try them out, but I definitely recommend everything I’ve tried so far.


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